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Dec 22, 2013


As every proud parent knows, one's mutant offspring must eventually be released blindfolded into the wilderness to fend for itself. With only its wits and its teeth for protection, it must find ways to protect itself from the lurking subliminal beasts, unpredictable emotional weather-conditions and flesh eating vegetables out there. It must also be allowed to do all this without further interference from us, to ensure a proper crucible to be survived and overcome, instead of a false and hollow rite of passage in a huge bouncy-castle where sustenance is catapulted into the gaping maws of monstrously huge child-monsters in between forcefully administered hypnosis-sessions. We want our beloved little beast to enjoy its first steps in the big world alone and defenseless, because we know it'll make for some very interesting results. The time has come.

On the 1st of January 2014, our beloved brood, a rare form if simian-shaped hybrid Chimaera disguised as a full-length album of music entitled "A Fool's Game" will be released onto the world-wide web. We know that once it creeps up close to you and whispers in your ear you will invite the strangely familiar feeling of its tiny claws gripping tighter and tighter around your neck. You may even grow to love it and find life inexplicably difficult without it. We most certainly do.

To demonstrate what we mean, we have managed to hack off some of its limbs (don't worry, they grow back) and capture some fine slivers of its very essence through the mystic art of electro-neuro-alchemy. With these acquired materials we have compiled a small gift, to place upon the shining plastic altar of the demon we call "Yu-Tuub". For your own twisted pleasure, you will be able to enjoy the ritual burning of this gift in the company of the great Yu-Tuub until the actual release of our beast.

Once our dear creature has survived and matured for a few weeks, a celebration will be held to mark its coming of age, and we will be ceremonially distributing small, flat, disc-shaped containers with the music ingeniously stored in tiny scratches on the surface of these objects. Exact date, time and place to be announced shortly.

Take care out there, and don't be scared when you feel something small and furry creep up along your spine onto your shoulder and smiles its razor smile at you, that's just the way we taught it to behave.


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Aug 23, 2013


As many of you surely know, the only real constant in life is change, this too shall pass.

As we bid a fond farewell to Anton Holmberg who will always be an integral part of Primate X and wish him the best of fortune in all his future endeavors, Primate X sprouts a new bass-playing member by the name of Emil Wallentin. When he sent a small monkey with aparty-hat and a ukulele to audition in his place, the immediate consensus was to insist on Emil joining the band, as long as the monkey was part of the deal.

We are looking forward to performing in front of a bloodthirsty crowd of savages with this new line-up,dates have been and will continue to be announced on the Intertubes.

Also, we may just have procured some fresh musical specimens to throw right down your gullets at our upcoming shows, so be sure to bring protective goggles and bibs, to make your enjoyment as mess-free and delicious as possible.

Not to give away too much, but we may just have developed something so wriggly and vicious that we can barely hold onto it, so letting you get your hands on it and giving it a go is all we can think of doing.

So, until the next Primate X circus is in town, and our noise once again fills your ears while you fill our hearts with joy and serve as acoustic meat-obstacles for the sound-engineer, stay filthy and beware of imitation brand primates, we sadly cannot guarantee their flavor.


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Feb 7, 2013

The NEW exclusive Primate X T-shirt, designed by Lorenzo JC Strekelj has arrived! You can buy it at our shows (only cash) or send us an email to! Price: 150 kr, sizes: S, M, L.

Primate X T-shirt

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Jan 27, 2013

It's a big pleasure for us to finally present our new music video "Game", taken from our upcoming album "A Fool's Game"! Press the play button and enjoy the ride!

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Nov 22, 2012

Surrounded Single Cover


Allthough it's been wriggling, squirming and biting, we've managed to corner a particularly devious little beast for your enjoyment (and our own, to be fair).

It has now agreed to cooperate and join our little musical circus of doom, so we are proud to present, for your listening pleasure. The single version of "Surrounded"! Now available for FREE download! Click here to get a copy!

Thanks to Lorenzo JC Strekelj for creating the awesome artwork and Henrik Gennert for his insane mixing skills!

Stay tuned for more filthy primate news and announcements.

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Oct 1, 2012


Greetings and squeezing to all you simians, chimps and naked apes out there!
A lot of water has passed under the bridge since we had some real news to report, the reason being an insolent and uncontrollable string of delays affecting our album's production, but we've managed to subdue the beast now, so the road ahead seems clear of obstacles (for now).

As many of you probably know, we have recorded all of the tracks, designed all of the artwork for the cover, laid out a plan for how we are going to release the album itself and finally, we are just about to finish the final mixes on the last couple of tracks, after which it's time for mastering. In other words, despite having to tear ourselves a new one every five minutes just to make sure the album actually gets made, we're right on the finish-line now and almost ready to share the results with you.

Dates for the actual release and for the release-party will be announced shortly. Basically, you'll all be able to buy/order the record directly from us and all of the proceeds will go directly into Primate X and nowhere else. All middlemen are cordially invited to go suck a canine's rectum until it bleeds so that we can keep enjoying music and supporting each other in our quest for new forms of communication.

Last, but not least, we are also combining the release of the record with the production of no less than TWO music videos, for the tracks "Surrounded" and "Game" respectively. We're looking forward to start filming and editing them so that we can put some insane visuals for you up on the Tube of You.

So, until next time, keep your ears to the ground and your tails and fists in the air, because it's almost time to play the FOOL'S GAME!

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Mar 23, 2012

Greetings and squeezing to all you monkeys out there!
Time for a Primate update.

We have reached the final part of the recording process for the forthcoming album. As many you know, we've named it "A Fool's Game". There are many reasons, some clear, some not. More about that later...

Sometime in mid April, the post production will be in its final phase and after mastering the final mix, the record will be... DONE! We expect to be able to share it with you in early May.

These past few months of recording and performing the songs for you have been incredible and have given us invaluable experience and insight. A very special thank you must go to all of you lovely people who have been coming to our shows. You are our backbone and you are very appreciated. We're looking forward to serving you some more ape at the next concerts. :P
More dates will be announced shortly, as we are in the process of booking a few gigs in Stockholm and beyond, so check for updates.

Primate X needs your votes!!!
Please visit and cast your vote on us, thus helping us secure a spot in the line-up this July. Tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW to vote. Tell strangers in the street if necessary. :-D

Last but not least, the first part of our studio-diary documenting the making of A Fool's Game is finished and up on Youtube. Hope you like the little peek into part of our working-process, in all it's horrible uncensored filth and glory. Enjoy!

To be continued...

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Jan 24, 2012


So, after all the mandatory delays and postponements we have now (finally) begun recording the follow-up to the Leave it to Bleed EP, our first full-length album, "A Fool's Game" in a sound-proofed corner of our enclosure at the zoo. No chimps were harmed in the making of this music.

We've spent these past couple of months rehearsing, planning the recording process and designing the cover, meaning that we've played the songs until we're properly satisfied, sat in rooms talking about time and dates, spent time in a studio recording one-take live versions of the songs, stood in fields taking strange pictures, and basically just working hard and sleeping very sporadically.

But now, the time has come yet again for us to make noise at you. In other words, we're gonna start booking ourselves up for the rest of the year now, and by the looks of it, we'll be venturing outside of our hometown for a couple of shows before summer, with more to follow later in the year.

Also, sometime this summer, there will be a large release-party for the album, so make sure you secure a helmet and goggles for the day as soon as it's announced, for your own safety.

To be continued...

/ Primate X

Primate News

Aug 11, 2011

Here's a short and snappy little news-jiffy.

After freely roaming the Earth for a month, Primate X is back in Stockholm and solidifying once again. We've been itching to play live for a while now, so we'll gently kick things off by appearing on Rocket FM 95.3 on Monday the 15/Aug, where we'll rant about everything and nothing and play a few songs for you, live and acoustic. Later that week, on Wednesday the 17th, we'll have a little show at Harry B. James in central Stockholm, so make sure you keep your protective goggles and comfort-blankets with you at all times. Otherwise, we cannot vouch for your personal safety or structural inftegrity.

Furthermore, we are invading Göta Källare on the 1st of September together with a few of our favourite artists from Stockholm, with the singular purpose of opening our collective floodgates and diving headfirst into music.
Teeth will gnash, feet will stomp, guitars and drums will thunder and free cake will be fired at the crowd from our brand new 88mm cake-cannon mounted above the stage.
We use only the finest lead-based frosting on our cake.
For your wellness.

Finally, we're planning on recording and/or streaming footage of us playing the newest tracks we're working on as a monthly release on, so that we get a chance to share what we're doing with all of you as often as possible.
Video recording and/or streamed footage directly from rehearsals and such will soon be available in the media-section of our homepage, so stay tuned.
We've been writing lots of new material these past months and we are about to start testing it out on unsuspecting crowds of people.
The plan is to record all of the new tracks this autumn, add water and bake for X months.
Resulting in an album. Probably ready for some kind of release and consumption in the winter/spring.
So far, that's the news. When there's some newer news, we'll news the news news news.

Keep it surreal,

/ Primate X

Primate News

Jun 11, 2011

Well, it's been quite a busy year for us so far, lots of good things have been happening lately, and it feels like all our hard work is really paying off.

The support we've had from all of you lovely people and/or monkeys in the audience at the last couple of shows has been incredible, and needless to say, it inspires us to perform better and better each time. Thank you all so much, you are our backbone. The spine that supports the primate.

Also, many special thanks to all of our friends and families for showing up at so many of our shows and generally being there for us, and last but definitely not least to all of the people who've have helped us realise this project. Especially Henrik, Billy and Patrik. :-D

The long awaited launching of our new vessel, an EP we named "Leave it to Bleed", (Produced by Henrik Gennert and Mastered at Cutting Room Studios by Mats 'Limpan' Lindfors) seems to have generated a lot of interest out there, and we're preparing to bombard the airwaves with it this month. Put on your helmets, hang on to your organs, get with the program.

Physical CDs will be available with cover-art and all, but for now, the free download from our brand new domain at is the way to go. If you happen to feel like you need higher sound quality than 192kbps, feel free to write a few lines to the team of magic elves who build our music out of sawdust, mud and the numerous bodies of their fallen enemies, the mole-people.

Finally, an update concerning our live shows, recent and future. On the 4th of June, Primate X played at the the Emergenza Stockholm regional finals at Debaser Medis, and as it turned out, we came in at #1 with a massive audience vote (such a beautiful sight from the stage to see you all there, absolutely unforgettable.) and moreover, the other bands all voted us in at #1 as well! We were pretty much speechless about that one. It's a humbling experience to say the least. We'll never forget this.

Finally, to top it all off in the most magnificent way possible, Anton won the award for best bass-player, an honor he well deserves. Way to go Anton!!! :-D

The whole band, and practically every audience member we've spoken to agrees that the show at the Emergenza finals was one of our best, if not THE best to date, and of course, we're itching to play on a stage again soon, which brings me neatly to my next point.

We plan to play a lot of new material at our upcoming shows, so make sure you bring your recording equipment to catch the songs while they're young, juicy and tender. :P

So, to recap, the music will start playing in the streets, we will blast it out live in the clubs, more songs will be written, and as soon as possible, they too shall be recorded and distributed merrily to all of you out there.

To be continued...

/ Primate X